The new
  standard requires all organisations to monitor  
Customer Satisfaction
Targeted at small to medium sized organisations, the IYSS™ product from
The Gosling Group fulfils this requirement quickly and easily, making it
  no longer a problem!  
The Setup Programme The Questionnaire The Report  
    - utilises TGG's "Dynamic
   Questionnaire Engine" -
   technology (patent
- internet based
- 21 questions only
- completed in less than 5
- filters out an interviewee's
   emotional responses
- all inputs 100% anonymous
- enables the interviewee to
   send anonymous feedback
   to the organisation
- each interviewee receives an
   immediate assessment of
   their own inputs
- enables the interviewee to
   benchmark the supplier
- internet based
- quick and easy to complete
- own questions easily
- can be completed in less
   than 5 minutes
- defines logon methodolgy
   for questionnaire
- total number of customer
   reponses easily displayed
- both company and industry
   reports available
- enables easy Benchmarking
                  of the results
      - report generated within 24
- gives unambiguous value
   for Customer Satisfaction
- gives a statistical summary
   for each topic
- topic reports are jargon free
- recommended next step
   actions clearly defined
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