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It's Your Market CD-ROM

"The It's Your Market™ CD-ROM enables you to investigate exactly which products and/or services your customers prefer from your company, by using a pro-active company promotional CD-ROM."

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The idea behind the IYM CD-ROM is simple: it collects information from your customers and potential customers whilst promoting your company.

Similar to a standard company promotional CD, the IYM CD contains information about your company and its products and/or services in a visually pleasing, easy to navigate and fun to use environment.

However, as well as automatically taking your customer logically through the information you wish to promote in the form of a tour, there are certain predefined 'drop-off' points, where the user can leave the tour and investigate the relevant product/service in more detail and even register to have more information on the selected product/service. These 'drop off' points are critical to the IYM CD-ROM as they not only define the customers' interest areas but also the level of interest in that area.

At the end of the tour, or at any time when the user decides to leave the programme, their current location in the tour is registered and they are given the opportunity to submit their request for information to your company by numerous different means (e.g. Email, web-based forms, fax etc.). On choosing to send this request for information to your company, the customer simultaneously submits information about which 'drop off' points they visited during the tour and for how long they were 'away' and thereby which areas were of interest to them and how interesting they actually were.

The information thus collected by your company, not only allows you to fulfil each customer's data requirements, but also allows you to investigate which of your products/services are interesting to which type of customers. Such information is invaluable for a company and is normally used as the basis of a targeted marketing campaign.

Development time

Development time to produce an IYM CD-ROM from conception through to sample CD-ROM's takes approximately 13 weeks, but is heavily dependent on the amount of information and number of products to be included on the CD-ROM.

Standard process

The development process for an IYM CD-ROM consists of the following 11 steps and has 4 milestones (timescales approximate only):

  1. Definition of company expectations together with products to be included on CD (Milestone) - 1 day
  2. Company understanding (internal) - 1 week
  3. Product understanding (internal) - 1 week
  4. Recommendations made to Management based on Product/Company investigation (Milestone) - 1 day
  5. Storyboard definition - 2 weeks
  6. Content definition - 1 week
  7. Project contents agreed with Management (Milestone) -1 day
  8. Content collection - 3 weeks
  9. Build of CD content - 4 weeks
  10. Demo CD to Management (Milestone) - 1 day
  11. Press CDs

Ordering the IYM CD-ROM

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Mission Statement:

To ensure our customers' future profitable growth by ensuring a full understanding of the wants and needs of both their existing and future customers and markets, and targeting their current and future product offerings to them; in so doing we will ensure an understanding of their employees' engagement and optimise their internal and external processes accordingly, using a combination of both traditional and modern business tools.
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