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IYC Questionnaire - Intranet version

"The IYCQ - Intranet version allows you to set up IYCQs on your company intranet quickly and easily, thereby simplifying the IYCQ distribution process."

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The IYCQ Intranet version

Following numerous customer requests, The Gosling Group have now released the It's Your Company Questionnaire™ in a version suitable for a company Intranet.


Features of the IYCQ Intranet include:

  • The IYC Questionnaire™ can be completed using a standard browser so that no additional software need be installed
  • Security ensured through use of a log on procedure which prevents both rogue and multiple entries
  • The IYC Questionnaire™ installs on a standard Windows server
  • All employees with access to your company Intranet can simply and anonymously complete the IYC Questionnaire thereby ensuring speedy responses
  • Different IYC Questionnaire™ Data Sources quickly and easily generated by company sub-entity (e.g. per Division or per Department) for quick comparison purposes
  • Data Sources easily imported into the IYCQ Manager
  • thereby ensuring speedy summary report generation

The benefits of the IYCQ Intranet version over the normal distribution method include:

  • No IYC Questionnaire™ need be installed by the employees on their own PC
  • The IYC Questionnaire™ distribution and collation process is quicker than ever
  • The IYC Questionnaire™ can be completed by any employee anywhere in the world immediately, assuming they have direct access to the company's Intranet
  • Log on procedure prevents multiple and rogue entries
  • Different log-on procedures available according to your company's needs (employee identifiable, employee unidentifiable and employee anonymous)
  • Can be easily set up to provide separate questionnaires for each sub-entity within your company (e.g. by division or department etc.)
Purchasing the IYCQ Intranet version

The IYCQ Intranet version can be purchased as part of the IYCQ Manager™ Starter Packs, available from The Gosling Group's DQE web-site here.

Additional software

Database Frontend

The IYCQ Intranet version relies upon a Microsoft® Access Database for storing its log-on and sub-entity information. In order to change the data in this database therefore requires the use of Microsoft® Access.

As many customers have requested a way to update the IYCQ Intranet database without having to use Access, The Gosling Group have written a so-called 'friendly front-end' for the database, which allows you to easily update the data source. This software not only allows you to update the data source, but also allows you to:

  • easily select a distribution strategy (ie employee identifiable, employee unidentifiable or employee anonymous)
  • easily define your company's sub-entities (eg division, department etc)
  • easily add log-in names, PINs and Master Keys
  • automatically generate PINs in both paper and e-link formats
    - print out PINs for hardcopy distribution to the employees.
    - automatically generate intranet logon 'web-links' for distribution by Email, to simplify the logon procedure

Report Generators

For companies who do not want their employees to logon to the Internet in order to display both a textual and graphical summary of their own inputs as required by the DQE, additional software can be obtained from The Gosling Group to enable the report generation to be performed on the Company's own intranet server.

Both the Database Frontend and Report Generators software are also available as part of the IYCQ Manager™ Starter Packs, available from The Gosling Group's DQE web-site here.

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