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Our service offerings

What's involved in The Gosling Group's service offerings?

There are typically 10 stages involved in all of our service offerings, including 4 predefined milestones (timescales approximate only):

  1. Goals, Targets and Timescales definition
  2. (Milestone)
    - 1 Day
  3. Company Investigation (internal)
    - 4 Weeks
  4. Process Investigation (internal)
    - 4 Weeks
  5. Goals, Targets and Timescales re-evaluation
  6. (Milestone)
    -1 Day
  7. Develop Plan
    - 2 Weeks
  8. Agree Plan with Management
  9. (Milestone)
    - 1 Day
  10. Implement Plan
    - 6 Weeks
  11. Results analysis (Milestone)
    - 1 Day
  12. Follow-up (after 2 Months)
    - 1 Day
  13. Follow-up (after 4 Months)
    - 1 Day

NB Timescales are subject to project complexity, but are agreed at stages 1 and 4.

What are the prerequisites?

In order to perform a situational analysis and make the necessary recommendations based upon the predefined Goals and Targets requires as a minimum:

  • Full company understanding and support of programme
  • Complete Management buy-in to programme

How long does it typically take?

The Gosling Group calculate a 17 week timescale from project definition through to completion. This excludes the two follow-up analyses 2 months and 6 months respectively after the completion date.

Is there any follow up?

After programme completion there are always two follow-up analyses, one after 2 months and one after 6 months (in total). This is regarded as an absolute minimum requirement. Anything over and above this can be agreed to between both parties at any time.

How much do The Gosling Group's services cost?

The Gosling Group charges 20,000 Euros plus expenses per month for all services. According to The Gosling Group's No Win, No Fee (No Gain, No Drain) policy, however, if after the agreed timescales, the agreed targets have not been fully reached, this money (excluding expenses) will be refunded.

Why should I turn to The Gosling Group to improve my company's processes in preference to company XXXXXX?

Our No Win, No Fee (No Gain, No Drain) policy ensures a risk free investment. If The Gosling Group fail to deliver the agreed results in the timescales agreed, you pay nothing (excluding expenses).

It's Your Company Questionnaire™

Why can't I download the IYC Questionnaire™?

The IYC Questionnaire™ is not available as a separate download but as an integral part of the IYCQ Manager™, which can be downloaded from the IYCQ Manager™ folder

I disagree with the IYC Questionnaire™ summary

The IYC Questionnaire™ uses The Gosling Group's Dynamic Questionnaire Engine™ technology (patent pending) which has been developed to assess a user's inputs both emotionally and rationally. By comparing the results of both of these outputs, an employee's satisfaction/motivation can be measured.

The Gosling Group has found that at least 30% of those people taking part in the IYC Questionnaire™ feel as if the resulting output from their questionnaire does not represent their true feelings. This has proved to always be an emotional response, however. After careful consideration of the company situation and their own sentiments towards that situation, most respondents (over 90%) tend to finally agree with the output (rational response).

How can I summarise more than one questionnaire input?

In order to summarise more than one questionnaire output - to discover the sentiments of a whole department or division of people, for example - requires the use of the IYCQ Manager.

The IYCQ Manager™ is used to distribute a single questionnaire to a collection of people, thereby summarising the sentiments of that group.

How can I change the questions in the IYC Questionnaire™?

The questions and categories are 'hard coded' into the IYC Questionnaire™ and can not therefore be easily changed. However, it is possible to order a customised version of the IYC Questionnaire™ which can include your own categories and questions, to closer meet your company's requirements. You can order this from within the IYCQ Manager™ programme, under the 'Order' section.

How can I change the questionnaire's design and integrate my own company logo?

This is possible by ordering a customised version of the IYC Questionnaire™. You can order this from within the IYCQ Manager™ programme, under the 'Order' section.

Is there an intranet version of the questionnaire?

Information regarding the intranet version of the IYC Questionnaire™ can be found in the IYCQ Intranet version folder. Alternatively, if you have ordered a 'Boxed Set', the programme can be found on the IYCQ Manager™ CD in the 'Resources' folder.

What does error XXXXXX mean?

The online version of the IYC Questionnaire™ has been tested successfully on most 4th generation browsers and above. If you receive an error whilst running the questionnaire, however, please let us know at giving us as many details as possible regarding the error message, the browser you were using and what you were trying to do at the time the error was generated.

Can the IYCQ™ help me to gain ISO9000 approval?

No. Employee Satisfaction is not a requirement of the ISO9001:2000 standard. However in sub-clause 6.2.1 (Involvement of people) of the ISO9004:2000 guidance for organisation performance improvement, techniques highlighted include:

  • by facilitating involvement in objective setting and decision making
  • by facilitating the open, two-way communication of information
  • by continually reviewing the needs of its people
  • by creating conditions to encourage innovation
  • by ensuring effective teamwork
  • by communicating suggestions and opinions
  • by using measurements of its people's satisfaction

All of these techniques are addressed by the IYCQ.

IYCQ Manager™

Why is the IYCQ Manager™ no longer free to download?

Despite the fact that the IYCQ Manager™ had been released as a downloadable version free-of-charge, it could not be used for its intended purpose (of running a report on Data Sets which you have generated by running the IYC Questionnaire™ within your company) without purchasing licenses. IYCQ Manager™ Starter Packs now enable the licenses to be purchased in advance at a reduced cost.

Why should I purchase an IYCQ Manager™ Starter Pack?

The IYCQ Manager™ Starter Packs are a more cost effective way of purchasing licenses to run summary reports. They also allow three different versions of the product to be purchased, depending on the level of product customisation desired.

More information regarding the various packages available can be found on The Gosling Group's DQE website here.

What does error XXXXXX mean?

The IYCQ Manager™ has been tested successfully on most combinations of Windows™ and Internet Explorer™ 4.0 and upwards. If you receive an error whilst running the programme, however, please let us know at giving us as many details as possible regarding the error message, the Windows/IE configuration you were using and what you were trying to do at the time the error was generated.

What does the Task Manager show the IYCQ Manager™ as an Internet Explorer application?

The IYCQ Manager™ uses Microsoft's™ Internet Explorer graphical user interface (GUI), and as such, Internet Explorer is the host application for the IYCQ Manager™ programme.

Can I use the IYCQ Manager to summarise the inputs collected from the IYSS?

The It's Your Supplier Survey (IYSS) uses a similar questionnaire engine to the IYC Questionnaire™ meaning that the output could be imported into the IYCQ Manager™ as a Data Source. However the IYCQ Manager™ does not yet differentiate between IYSS™ and IYCQ™ Data Sources, meaning that the output generated will be that of a standard IYCQ Manager™ report.

I can summarise the data contained within a Dummy Report, but not my own, why?

In order to run a standard report requires that your PC exchange Session-Cookies with our server. If you connect to the internet using a Proxy Server or are protected from the internet using a Firewall, these have to be set up to allow the exchange of cookies with your chosen Gosling Group server. This would typically be set up by your system administrator.

I can't locate a Data Source, what should I do?

If your Data Sources are moved from their original locations without using the IYCQ Manager™, the IYCQ Manager™ programme will no longer be able to find them. In such circumstances, you should use the 'Select Source/Other Locations' tab to locate the Data Sources from within the IYCQ Manager™ programme and add them to the Data Sources list using the 'Add' button.

I have several Data Sources (one for each of my company's departments) how can I combine them into a single Data Source?

This is achieved by using the 'Data Source Manager/Combine' tab in the IYCQ Manager™.

How can I get a Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) are issued having entered a valid order using the IYCQ Manager™ ('Order' tab) and registering your order on your chosen Gosling Group server.

How can I recover a lost Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

It is possible to recover a lost PIN by logging on to your chosen Gosling Group server under the Account Manger section with your registered Email address and using your last good 10-character Order Number as your PIN. You will be logged on and shown your PIN.

Your 10-character Order Number can be found on the order confirmation Email sent to you following your last successful order placed using the IYCQ Manager.

How can I transfer my outstanding credit to a different server?

Outstanding credits can not be transferred between Gosling Group Servers using the IYCQ Manager™. If you need to transfer credit, you will need to contact The Gosling Group at This service is not free-of-charge.

It's Your Market CD Rom

What is the development process for an IYM CD?

The development process for an IYM CD consists of the following 11 steps and includes 4 milestones (timescales approximate only):

  1. Definition of company expectations together with products to be included on CD
  2. (Milestone)
    - 1 day
  3. Company understanding (internal)
    - 1 week
  4. Product understanding (internal)
    - 1 week
  5. Make recommendations based on company's expectations to Management
  6. (Milestone)
    - 1 day
  7. Storyboard definition
    - 2 weeks
  8. Content definition
    - 1 week
  9. Agree final project with Management
  10. (Milestone)
    - 1 day
  11. Content collection
    - 3 weeks
  12. Build of CD content
    - 4 weeks
  13. Demo CD to Management
  14. (Milestone)
    - 1 day
  15. Press CDs

What information do The Gosling Group need from my company?

This is dependent on the company's own expectations of what the IYM CD should deliver to both their customers and themselves, and is normally defined at the Project Agreement stage.

How long does it take to produce a CD?

According to the standard process, approximately 13 weeks from project start through to a demo IYM CD being produced. This is, however, heavily dependent upon the overall content requirement and the complexity of the storyboard.

How does the CD collect customer information at the same time as promoting my company?

By taking the customer through a logical path of your company's product and service offerings, it allows the customer to easily locate those products and services interesting to them and to focus on them. The CD is able to record the customer's activities whilst browsing the CD and can send this information back to your company, should the customer allow it.

How can I ensure that the CD portrays my company's corporate image?

This is clearly defined at the project agreement stage and included in the content collection stage.

How can I get my customers and potential customers to run the IYM CD?

The Gosling Group has found that the attractive interface, the content and ease of use of the IYM CD all contribute to a customer's willingness to investigate the CD. The customer's resulting positive experience also tends to break down the barriers normally associated with the sharing of information, thus maximising quality feedback.

Get Gozzled service

Do I have to display a "Gozzle" on my web-site having been gozzled?

You are not forced to display a Gozzle on your web-site once you have earned the right to, although by not doing so will mean you not being allowed to place a banner ad on our Customer Oriented Websites database.

I can't find my company's Sector in your Industry listings

The Gosling Group have used standard industry definitions in putting together the Sector and Subsector lists. However, if your company falls into a category not covered by the listings, then please contact us

I don't want to share my customer information with The Gosling Group. Can I still get gozzled?

The weighting factors for the criteria are such that with no customer information being included in the assessment you will only ever be able to obtain a bronze gozzle, although in order to achieve this will require your company web-site reaching 100% in all other criteria.

Why do you need my company's customer information?

Being gozzled is an indication of how customer oriented your web-site is. Whereas The Gosling Group understands what makes a web-site attractive to customers and can therefore base its measurement criteria on this, it is no substitute for what actual customers think. This is why The Gosling Group heavily weights customer feedback.

Why does the Get Gozzled service cost money?

In order to offer a true measurement of Customer Orientation, The Gosling Group invests a lot of time confirming its own assessment with that of customers and end users. This ensures that only the most appropriate web-sites appear in its database of Customer Oriented Websites.

How do The Gosling Group weight their criteria?

  • 20% Ease of Use
  • 15% Visuals
  • 30% Content
  • 35% Customer Awareness

It's Your Supplier Survey™

What is the IYSS™?

Similar to a Customer Satisfaction Survey and based upon the IYC Questionnaire™ technology (Dynamic Questionnaire Engine™ - patent pending) the It's Your Supplier Survey collects inputs from your customers to measure how well you are supporting your customers as a supplier.

How can I use the IYSS™?

The IYSS™ is used to provide a quick and easy way of measuring customer satisfaction. It is a questionnaire similar to the IYC Questionnaire™, but published on the internet for completion by your customers.

Can the IYSS™ help me to obtain ISO9000 approval?

Yes. The IYSS™ was produced following numerous customer requests to produce a product to easily and quickly measure and monitor Customer Satisfaction, as required by the ISO9001:2000 standard.

Why can't I run my own IYSS reports?

The IYSS™ is an internet based questionnaire which enables organisations to easily and quickly measure their own customer satisfaction. In order to protect end customer confidentiality (something which The Gosling Group recognises as important for a successful Customer Survey) The Gosling Group manages IYSS report generation itself.

Can a customers inputs to a customer survey be traced?

No. Recognising that confidentiality is key to a successful Customer Survey implementation on the internet, The Gosling Group has developed its survey technology to ensure that any customer's inputs are 100% anonymous, so that not even The Gosling Group could identify the source of an input.

Mission Statement:

To ensure our customers' future profitable growth by ensuring a full understanding of the wants and needs of both their existing and future customers and markets, and targeting their current and future products offerings to them; in so doing we will ensure an understanding of their employees' engagement and optimise their internal and external processes accordingly, using a combination of both traditional and modern business tools.
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