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"The Get Gozzled Internet award is a measure of how customer-oriented your web-site is and indicates the likelihood of your company winning new customers through its internet presence."

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The Get Gozzled internet award

The Get Gozzled internet award scheme was born out of one of The Gosling Group's internet services, where we fine tune a customer's web presence in order to closer match existing and potential customer's requirements and expectations of that presence.

Unlike other internet based award schemes, the Get Gozzled award is a measure of the 'customer orientation' of your web-site. Your Gozzle rating is therefore an indication to your customers and potential customers of how easy it is to find the information they need from your web-site.

By gaining a "Gozzle" award for your web-site, you can promote your company as having a web-site tailored to its customers' needs thereby ensuring your current customers and potential prospects a minimum of "on-line" time to find the information they need about your company's products and services.

Once "Gozzled" your web-site will appear in our Customer Oriented Websites (COW) Database - a web-site intended to be a one stop shop for customers looking for products and services on the internet. By choosing a company from this web-site, companies will be assured that they can find the products and/or services they require from that company, quickly and easily.

Getting Gozzled is relatively straight forward: we measure your web-site based on its ease of use, visuals, content and customer awareness according to the following criteria. These criteria then allow us to measure the customer orientation, user-friendliness and effectiveness of your web-site:

Ease of use

  1. Does your company homepage fully load within 15 seconds on a PC connected to the internet using a 33k modem?
  2. Do all subsequent pages fully load within 10 seconds on a PC connected to the internet using a 33k modem?
  3. Can visitors who use Internet Explorer 3 and Netscape Navigator 3 navigate your company's web-site?
  4. Can visitors with Active X technology and Scripting technology disabled in their browsers still navigate your company's web-site?
  5. Can visitors with cookies disabled in their browser still navigate your company's web-site?


  1. Does any multimedia content on your company's web-site detract your visitor from the intended message?
  2. Do any banner ads on your company's web-site compliment its content or message?
  3. Does your company's web-site use pop-up windows which open automatically?
  4. Do any pop-ups close automatically or have a close button clearly visible within the pop-up window?
  5. Do any of your company's web-site pages open up new pages automatically when they are closed down.


  1. Does the homepage clearly state the intention of your company's web presence or what your visitors can expect from the site?
  2. Does your homepage show the address, telephone and telefax number of your company?
  3. Can your customers easily reach information they may require from your company's web-site within 4 mouse clicks of the homepage?
  4. Can customers easily give you feedback about your web presence from within your company's web site?
  5. Can customers order products and/or services from your company's web-site?
  6. Does your company web-site contain advertisements from third parties?
  7. Can you guarantee that there are no 'dead links' on your company's web-site?

Customer awareness

  1. What percentage of your customer base are aware of your company's web-site?
  2. What percentage of your customers use your company's web-site?
  3. What percentage of your customers have been won because of your company's web presence?

Based on the answers to these questions a score is attained for your company's web presence. This score then determines which Gozzle you can display on your company's web-site according to the following criteria:

Scores of 95% and above attain a Gold Gozzle

Scores of between 90% and 95% attain a Silver Gozzle

Scores of between 85% and 90% attain a Bronze Gozzle.

Having attained a Gozzle, you are authorised to display the Gozzle logo in the relevant grade on your web-site which links directly to this web-site. As well as having your web-site thereby appear in the Customer Oriented Websites (COW) Database you will also be entitled to display an advertising banner on that site, free-of-charge.

A Gozzle is valid for a maximum of six months after issue. Thereafter, you must reapply or remove the Gozzle from your web-site. Should you improve your site during the six month period (addressing the areas of concern from the previous assessment), you will be entitled to a free upgrade and extension of your six-month validity period.

By keeping the Gozzle criteria high and the review period short, we can confidently assure your customers and any potential customers of the most user-friendly, customer-oriented web-sites on the Internet. Be part of it.

Get "Gozzled" before your competitors do!

If you would like to apply for a Gozzle for your web-site and appear in our Customer Oriented Websites (COW) Database, send us an email including your web-site address to: order@thegoslinggroup.com.

NB The Get Gozzled service will continue to be free-of-charge until 31st December, 2007.

Mission Statement:

To ensure our customers' future profitable growth by ensuring a full understanding of the wants and needs of both their existing and future customers and markets, and targeting their current and future products offerings to them; in so doing we will ensure an understanding of their employees' engagement and optimise their internal and external processes accordingly, using a combination of both traditional and modern business tools.
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