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The Gosling Group's
'No Gain, No Drain' policy

In order to offer you peace of mind when ordering any of The Gosling Group's services, The Gosling Group operates a No Gain, No Drain money-back guarantee policy.

In its basic form the No Gain, No Drain policy states that if on project completion, your company has not experienced the expected business or process improvements in the agreed timescales defined at the project start, then your company will receive a full refund of any monies paid for that service. Similarly any monies due will be cancelled.

Key for this policy implementation, however, is the need for a clear definition of the overall project, including company expectations and company limitations. Project definition is therefore a very important part of the standard Service offering from The Gosling Group and features in both stages 1 and 4 of the Standard Process Flow for Services:

Standard Process Flow

There are typically 10 stages involved in all of our service offerings, including 4 predefined milestones (timescales approximate only):

  1. Goals, Targets and Timescales definition
  2. (Milestone)
    - 1 Day
  3. Company Investigation (internal)
    - 4 Weeks
  4. Process Investigation (internal)
    - 4 Weeks
  5. Goals, Targets and Timescales re-evaluation
  6. (Milestone)
    -1 Day
  7. Develop Plan
    - 2 Weeks
  8. Agree Plan with Management
  9. (Milestone)
    - 1 Day
  10. Implement Plan
    - 6 Weeks
  11. Results analysis (Milestone)
    - 1 Day
  12. Follow-up (after 2 Months)
    - 1 Day
  13. Follow-up (after 4 Months)
    - 1 Day

Please note that this is the standard process flow on which all projects are based. Every project is different and the process flow, milestones and timescales are each dependent on project complexity and the customer's expectations. All variables, however, are always discussed, agreed and fixed with the customer at stages 1 and 4 of the standard process flow.

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If you still have any questions regarding our Services, the Standard Process Flow or our No Gain No Drain policy, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) folder before contacting us at:

Mission Statement:

To ensure our customers' future profitable growth by ensuring a full understanding of the wants and needs of both their existing and future customers and markets, and targeting their current and future products offerings to them; in so doing we will ensure an understanding of their employees' engagement and optimise their internal and external processes accordingly, using a combination of both traditional and modern business tools.
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